Locksanddeadbolts.com teams up with Captain Billy Black to market the most amazing new fishing product to hit the market in a long time. For thirty years Captain Billy Black ran his charter boat, Duchess, in the Bahamas as the premier fishing boat at Walker's Cay. During that time, Captain Billy Black developed his professional dehooker that has taken the sportfishing world by storm. And it just so happens that the new and improved Billy Black Professional DeHooker has hit the Florida market at the right time. The state of Florida has just enacted legislation that requires every fishing vessel that is operating in state waters to have a dehooking device on board. This means that boat owners must have a dehooking device! What a tremendous market to fill with a fabulous new and exciting product. What makes the Captain Billy Black professional DeHooker so special? In two words, quality and innovation. The Pro DeHooker is made of non-ferrous surgical stainless steel. It will keep its satin luster and last forever in the harsh saltwater environment where the big ones live. Additionally, the Pro DeHooker is made in America by Americans. That means quality and jobs, and in the current economic climate, that is a win-win situation. The best feature of the Pro Dehooker is the built-in lure retriever that is part of the basic design. In an effort to save his favorite fishing lures, Captain Billy Black cleverly added a retrieval hook for quick lure capture. So, the main function of the Pro DeHooker is to save the prized lures that catch the fish, while allowing the angler to safely and quickly remove the hooks. We are excited to provide you with the best fishing product to hit the world market in a long time, the Captain Billy Black Pro DeHooker.