LocksandDeadbolts has succeeded in posting vintage VHS video clips of blue marlin fishing in the Bahamas with Capt Billy Black. The VHS format of the vintage footage was analog, and therefore not easily converted to the digital media required for the social networking site YouTube.com. After much expense, LocksandDeadbolts posted the video today, and it has been an immediate sensation. What is it that draws viewers to the 2 minute video? It is the fact that it is old, vintage footage of real people catching really big fish. The footage is not professional quality, but rather it is raw, naturally shot home style video. Every effort has been made to capture the essence of the fishing experience, with the actual cockpit conversations between anglers, captain, and mate. These videos are presented by LocksandDeadbolts for everyone's enjoyment, and the internet discounter hopes that the footage and action keeps them coming back for more. To view this video, simply click Walker's Cay Blue Marlin Release.

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