Locksanddeadbolts.com is currently offering below wholesale pricing on all of it’s remaining Schlage Elan inventory. This mass liquidation sale on these door locks is limited to the stock on hand, so order your hardware today. There are several large lots of Elan door locks available in most all Schlage finishes. Free shipping is included with all door lock orders over $150, and some of these Schlage closeout specials will qualify. The savings associated with this liquidation and closeout sale add up to a price that is so low, we call it “Xylow” pricing! For a detailed definition of this new closeout pricing adjective, see The "Xylow" price phenomena going on at LocksandDeadbolts.com. LocksandDeadbolts.com stocks a variety of the Schlage Elan bored door locks. The bored door locks are part of the basic door hardware with the locking mechanism built into the doorknob and latch. They are classified as F51 entry door locks, F10 passage door locks, and F40 privacy door locks. Schlage Elan F51 entry locksets are locked or unlocked from the inside by turning or depressing a small button on the inside of the doorknob. A key is required to unlock the pin-tumbler mechanism from the outside. Double cylinder Schlage B362 deadbolts requiring a key on both the inside and outside are available for added security. A quality feature of the Schlage F51 Elan entry lockset is the deadlatch. Because the regular latch is angled to the outside of the door, an intruder can depress it by sliding a piece of stiff material between the door and the frame. The Schlage Elan deadlatch actuator is generally located in the rear of the regular latch and cannot be depressed in this manner, when it is properly installed. Schlage F40 Elan bathroom and bedroom privacy door locks are designed for privacy rather than security and are equipped with a locking button on the inside but no key device on the outside. In an emergency, the Schlage F40 Elan privacy door lock can be opened from the outside by inserting a narrow object through the small hole in the outside knob and either depressing or turning the locking mechanism inside, depending on the type of lock. The Schlage Elan Lever Set, has an adjustable latch that fits 2 3/8" to 2 3/4" backsets and 1 3/8" to 1 3/4" thick doors. The working parts of the Schlage Elan locks are made of metal for longer lasting durability. The Schlage Elan Lever design provides easy one hand operation, and it features sleek styling to match any home décor. The Schlage Flair bored lockset offers easy installation, and all installation hardware is included. The Schlage Elan Lever Set is just one of the many top quality hardware items in our Schlage Closeout/Liquidation department. Visit us 24/7 at www.LocksandDeadbolts.com and save a substantial sum of money on all your door hardware purchases. Remember, our Schlage closeout prices are not just low, they are “Xylow”.