Brian Sylvester Art has a new online gallery at Brian Sylvester's art rises to the level of genius. His use of bright colors, imaginative compositions, and secondary themes in his paintings make him one of the world's most dynamic underwater, marine, and wildlife artists. He is a Florida native, whose passions include surfing, fly fishing, skin diving, oil painting and parenting- but not in any particular order. Brian is a self taught artist. He brings a contemplative and unique style to everything he does, and that uniqueness shows through brilliantly in this gallery of incredible oil paintings. Brian's artistry blends his keen perceptions of the tropical Florida wildlife that he loves, his passion for fly fishing, and his self taught individual style that characterizes his paintings. His art is not an attempt to replicate or to "fool the eye", but rather a contemplative expression of his interpretation of the life and forms that he encounters in his native Florida environment. He does not paint the subject as seen by his eye. He allows his mind to dissolve the images into individual elements, and then uses his brush to re-create new compositions as a whole. His oil paintings evolve into abstract realizations which become the primary goal of his art. To view the images and descriptions of the art in this new online gallery, simply go to Brian Sylvester Art.